Official Film Poster Release

The official poster for Chapter 2: Play of the anthology film CONNECT


Elias Feghaly 


Takayla Williams-Jackson

Christine Brady

Katie Floyd

Elias Feghaly 

Scott Sastre

Diane Waznak



Preston Harris-Dunlap 

Tara Day-Lee

Play Poster.jpg

Poster Photo by Gary Barragan

 An Anthology Series 

About ordinary people and their search for happiness in a time of a social upheaval.

Words from our Producer

Filming in Louisville

What I love about Louisville is when you need help you reach out to your friends, your family, your neighbor, teacher or whoever for help. And because of that powerful sense of community and closeness especially when it comes to the arts and culture,  people respond, and help out, and collaborate, and support because they care. That feeling of closeness or family is very oriented in this city and it makes it very special. People are making this film happen, people make art happen. And for that I am thankful. I am making this film because I love film, and care about human issues. This is my way of dealing with it and my hope is to start and continue conversations about how things are going and how we can make it better, as a community and a nation.  Feel free to join us on our journey.

Anthology Series

This series is divided into 5 chapters that bring awareness to social and human issues we face in our societies today

Chapter 1: Bagels 

(a short about  Race) 

Chapter 2: PLAY

(a short about LGBTQI) 

Premiered April 15th, 2020)


Chapter 3: ANDY

(a short about the heroin epidemic) 


Chapter 4: NOW HIRING

(a short about sex trafficking) 


Chapter 5: MOTHER

(a short about the environment) 

Made with ❤️ in  Louisville KY