Sit-Com Pilot Episode filmed in Louisville

Updated: a day ago

We are so excited to share our new pilot has been filmed and is in post-production. Episodes will Premiere Live on Youtube and the episodes will be available to watch for free on Youtube and Amazon. Starring Alexis Goodwin and Takayla Williams-Jackson. Kim&Juju follows the lives of 2 very different women with one thing in common, the love and bond they have for each other.

Meet Alexis Goodwin.

Meet Takayla Williams-Jackson


Takayla Williams is an actress, known for Lost in a Moment (2014), Chicago Fire (2012) and Perception (2018). She has been married to Matthew Jackson since 2011.

Meet our Producer and Director Elias Feghaly


When Takayla approached me with the idea of creating a sitcom in Louisville I immediately wanted to jump on board. I mainly wanted to be the support for a friend and an extraordinary tour de force actor and on-screen performer. It is an honor to work with a friend and help tell this very funny, slapstick, and well-written script.

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