Screen Test: 

 At Tim Faulkner Gallery 

More Screen Test Workshops

Designed to capture your performance so you can share it with the world

Screen Test Industry Prep 


Time in front of the Camera

(Each screen-test takes about 2-3 minutes depending on the content we're capturing.) 


Review and feedback


Consultation about your acting career.


2 HD headshot (commercial & dramatic) 



A video recap of your performance that will be shared with you via Dropbox. 




What you get

1 professional headshot 

                    commercial or drama

Review session with feedback


price: $100




                              "We are here to promote Louisville Talents and Louisville as a city for film. We love our #LouisvilleActors!

We are here to inspire, help, train and capture your skills and celebrate it online and right here in Louisville, and beyond! "

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How a Screen Test Looks Like

Screen Test:

Acting Reel Deal 

Record 2

Screen Tests



Rehearse and record 2 monologues. 1 Comedic or commercial and 1 dramatic.

Edit the 2 scenes into an ACTOR'S REEL

Reel includes music,

and graphics. 


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